Building the Millennium Falcon

_HAR3261_HAR3262_HAR3263_HAR3264_HAR3265Rolled fondant Falcon

Millennium Falcon cake, a set on Flickr.

When a client commissioned a groom’s cake for her Star-Wars-obsessed son, the Millennium Falcon was the obvious choice. To get it done, however, we needed to combine cake making skills and scale modeling to make it convincing. My son Mat grew up in the Star Wars era and also dabbles in a little art, so I enlisted him to help me get this project done. We started by looking at lots of photos and then drew a top down layout. This was transfered to a thin sheet of plywood, which was cut out as our custom cake plate. Next we started combining cakes baked and/or cut into the various shapes to make up the body. We used long knives to carve the cake’s shape. The cockpit was formed with rice crispy treats to keep its delicate shape. The entire cake was iced and then covered in grey fondant. The fondant was shaped and pressed along the form of the cake underneath. Now the fun part: adding all the details. We cut out all the small surface details from fondant and attached them. The satellite dish was formed on the inside of a round bowl and then attached to a fondant support. Guns were made with sucker sticks (the only non-edible portion of the cake) and food safe markers and paint were used to add extra details. Dry food paint was brushed on to age the fuselage and small laser blasts were added in strategic areas with burn marks. This was a fun cake and the groom was pretty pleased.

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